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How can I enroll my students and evaluators into a program?

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2014 11:41AM CDT

If you created the DRF program in Taskstream, you can enroll students by accessing your program in the TS Coordinator area.

  1. Click the TS Coordinator button in the top navigation toolbar.
  2. Click the DRF Programs link and choose the program into which you want to enroll students.
  3. Click on the Enrollment tab of that program.

Students can be enrolled into a program by two different methods: They can use a program code created by the program manager; or they can be manually enrolled by the program manager.

To create a self enrollment code to distribute to your students/authors

  1. Click the Change button (at the top of the screen) next to "Allow Authors to Self Enroll."
  2. Set the self enrollment Status to "ON"
  3. Enter a code of your own choosing OR click Generate a Code to have the system generate a unique self enrollment code for this program
  4. Click the Apply Changes button. A confirmation screen displays the new status and your new code.
  5. (Optionally) Click the link provided to open self enrollment instructions provided by Taskstream. You can save this document and distribute it to students along with your code.
  6. Click the Return to Main Enrollment Page button to return to the Enrollment tab.

To manually enroll Authors into the program

  1. Click the Authors button in the Enrollment tab header area.
  2. The Member Locator will open in a pop-up box. Use this locator to search for your students.
  3. Once you have located your students, click the check boxes next to their names.
  4. Click the Continue button to enroll the (checked) student(s) as author(s) in your program and return to the Enrollment tab.

Note: the same manual enrollment technique can be used to enroll Reviewers, Evaluators and even Evaluation Managers through the enrollment tab.

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