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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2013 01:51PM CDT

Your home page provides access to all the tools and information you need to use Taskstream. Looking at the home page, you will notice that it is divided into three main sections:

What you'll find at the top of your home page

The top of the page contains navigation and account-related links.

Wherever you go in Taskstream, these links remain visible at the top of your screen.

  • The very top of the page displays your User Name, as well as the name of the learning community in which you are enrolled (often referred to as an "Organizational Area"). Links provide access to My Account, the Taskstream Instant Messenger and the online Help system, as well logging out of Taskstream.
  • The top navigation bar includes links you will use to navigate to various tools in Taskstream. When you click on one of these links, you are navigated to a home page for the related group of tools.
In addition, you may find a Home Page Message at the top of the page.

The top of your home page may display a concise message with important information that is relevant to you. This message is created and edited by your organization’s Taskstream System Administrator, to facilitate inter-organizational communication.

For more frequent announcements, Coordinators may use the Announcements feature. This feature allows the TS Coordinator to post announcements to everyone or to specific groups of people in your organization. Upon login, the members of the selected group(s) receive the message on their home page. You may occasionally notice announcements from Taskstream, such as a message calling your attention to recently-released new or enhanced features.

Announcements display at the top of the right-hand panel of your home page.

What you'll find in the main section of your home page

The main section of the home page displays all the Programs in which you are enrolled.  If you are enrolled in Programs with more than one (1) role, the system displays a tab for each role: Author, Reviewer, Evaluator and/or Evaluation Manager.

Each role performs different functions within a Program. Click on a tab to view the Programs for which you are enrolled in that particular role

Use the title/ list view button to toggle between tile and list views of Programs.

The tile view presents each program in a separate tile that contains the program name. The top of the tile references the program type (e.g. DRF, TPA, PACT or Collaborative). The icon in the tile might contain a custom image selected for this program by the Coordinator.

Depending on your role in this program, the tile may also include a program description, other information and/or task links.

The list view is a list of program names. Each name is a link to role-related tasks and information for this program. Different types of programs (e.g. DRF, TPA, PACT and Collaborative) are organized in separate columns.

If you have multiple role tabs, note that your choice of view (tile or list) is applied to all of them.

You can Customize Display to hide programs or to show programs you have previously hidden. Use this feature to hide programs you no longer need and declutter your home page.

The Self-enrollment code option at the bottom of the (scrolling) page enables you to enroll yourself into a Program in the role of Author or student. In order to self-enroll, you must have been provided with a program code by your instructor or organization.

You CANNOT self-enroll into a Program as a Reviewer or Evaluator. These roles can only be assigned when you are enrolled by a Program Manager.

What you'll find on the right side of your home page  

A panel on the right side of your home page provides quick access to Taskstream work and some informational material.

If you are affiliated with multiple organizations, the top of this panel displays the option to Change Organization (OA)

Change Organization provides the ability to change the display of the organizational area (OA) and the Programs associated with the OA.

  1. Select an OA from the pull-down list.  

  2. Click Go.  The body of the home page refreshes to display the DRF/TPA/PACT Programs associated with the selected OA.  

Use the Search for Items feature to search for Taskstream work by name and type.

The My Links section enables you to can customize your home page to provide quick access to the features you use most.

The My Folders section provides links to recently edited items, recently deleted items, and custom folders.  These items are accessible via the Mybrary, a centralized collection of all your Taskstream work. From your home page, you can choose to create folders in the Mybrary or manage existing ones. If you click on any folder name (link) in the My Folders section, you navigate directly to that folder in the Mybrary.

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