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About the Lesson Builder

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2015 10:28PM EDT
The Taskstream Lesson Builder facilitates the creation and management of standards-based plans for classroom activities.

When you access the Lesson Builder home page, you are navigated to a filtered list of all of your existing lessons.

The contents of the Lesson Builder home page reflect your most recent filter choice. You can change your filter at any time.

Each lesson is described by name. When your lesson was copied from one that was created by someone else, the original creator’s name is also displayed.

Lessons display in alphabetical order (or, if grouped by unit, by alphabetical order within each unit).
To quickly locate a specific lesson, enter a full or partial lesson title in the Search by Title field and click Search. The results include all lessons (independent of status or filter currently applied on the page) that match that title.

Icons indicate when a lesson has been used in a unit and/or stored in a custom folder. When your filter displays them, Archived lessons are clearly labeled in a red font. Additional icons indicate when lessons are undergoing review or evaluation, or have been shared through the Cybrary. A New Comments! message (in red font) alerts you to any lessons for which a Reviewer has supplied comments that you have not yet read.

From the Lesson Builder home page, you can:
  • Create new standards-based lessons, using a variety of templates.
  • Quickly establish lesson basics in the Activity/Lesson log.
  • Search for and view existing lessons.
  • Edit, rename or delete existing lessons.
  • Archive one or multiple lessons.

Create a New Lesson

From the Lesson Builder home page, you can create new lessons from scratch, or you can select an existing lesson to copy and adapt for new purposes.

To create a new lesson from scratch
  1. Enter a New Lesson Title.
  2. Select a starting template for your lesson plan from the Choose a Format pull-down list.

You can save time by selecting the "Activity/Lesson Log" as your format. This template, also known as the "quick form," enables you to quickly establish critical elements of a new activity. When you are ready to elaborate (for example, by adding implementation information or materials and resources), you can easily change the abbreviated lesson plan to a more detailed format.

Your organization may have chosen to provide only a single lesson format. In that case, this step would not apply.
      3. (Optional) If you have created custom folders to organize your work in Taskstream, you can choose to file your new lesson in one of these folders by selecting from the Add to Folder pull-down list.
      4. Click the Create New button. You are navigated to the Build Lesson tab to enter lesson information, using the template you selected.

Once you have created and saved your lesson, you can request feedback and/or share it with others in a number of ways. You can also schedule your lessons by adding them to the Taskstream Calendar shared by your organization.

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