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How Do I Create a Unit with the Unit Builder?

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2014 09:47AM CDT
Whether you're creating a new unit from scratch or adapting a copy of an existing unit, the details of the plan are developed on the Build Unit page of the Unit Builder. The name of your selected unit is displayed below the page title.
The other tabs displayed at the top of this area also relate to the current unit.

The header area of the Build Unit page displays the creation and (when applicable) modification dates of your unit plan, together with the format used. If your unit was based on a unit created by someone else (e.g. a unit copied from the Cybrary or from an email link), the original author attribution is also displayed.

Additional unit-related functionality is provided by a set of buttons that display both above and below the actual unit plan. Some of these actions (e.g. "Rename") are also available from other places in the Unit Builder, while others (e.g. "Print View") are only available from the Build Unit page.
Add Content to Elements

The left panel of the Build Unit page displays the format template. Each element of the unit plan is identified by a button with a descriptive name. As you add and save information for an element, the area to the right of the button is filled with a read-only version of that content.
The "Learning Activities" (or similarly-named) element enables you to associate lessons (created in Lesson Builder) with the unit. In addition to attaching existing lessons, you can access the Lesson Builder to create new lessons that will immediately attach to this unit.

To add/edit information about a unit element

1. Click the element button.
2. A new window displays, in which to describe that element of the unit plan.

The features of this window will vary based on the particular element you are describing. For example, describing Subjects may require you to select applicable checkboxes, while attaching Standards navigates you to the Standards Wizard.

Some windows include multiple tabs, enabling you to provide information in several ways. For example, the Assessment/Rubrics description has tabs that enable you to include text, an attached Taskstream rubric, and/or a variety of uploaded files or web links that support or illustrate the method of Assessment.
  • When adding text, note that the maximum number of characters allowed will vary based on element. If you have enabled the HTML toolbar, it will be available for many (but not all) text fields.
  • Some may include a combination of text and selection fields.
  • If the element you selected includes an Attachments tab, you can upload and attach files to your unit plan.
  • If the element you selected includes an Web Links tab, you can add web links to your unit plan.
3. Use the Learning Activities element to attach lessons to this unit.
4. After you have entered information for an element, click Save & Close Window. You are navigated back to the main Build Unit page.
Unit plans are automatically saved as you work.

Add/Manage Lessons in a Unit

The unit template includes a specific element to attach lessons to the unit and manage them.
The name of this element varies, based on the format you selected, but often appears in the "Implementation" section as Learning Activities.

All lessons currently attached to the unit are listed within this element. If an annotation has been added for the lesson, that text appears below the lesson name.

Click any lesson name (link) in that element to display a print view of that lesson.

To add or manage lessons to your unit (created via Lesson Builder)

1. Click Learning Activities (or similarly named element).
2. You are navigated to an Included Lessons page, which lists the various lessons currently associated with this unit.

From this page, you can:
  • Click the name of any attached lesson to see it in Print View (and optionally send to your printer)
  • Reorder the list of attached lessons
  • Attaching existing lessons (created in Lesson Builder) to this unit
  • Access the Lesson Builder to create new lessons (which will immediately attach to this unit)
  • Edit Lesson in the Lesson Builder. Clicking this button navigates you to the Build Lesson page, where you can edit or add information to any element.

Note that when you edit a lesson or create a new one, you are navigated away from the Unit Builder.

  • Add an annotation to a lesson listing. The information you enter via the Add Annotation button only applies to this unit. This annotation will not appear for other units with which the lesson may be associated.
  • Remove a lesson from the unit. This does NOT delete the lesson from Taskstream. The lesson remains available from the Lesson Builder.
3. When you have completed adding or managing attached lessons, click the Accept & Return to Unit button to return to the main Build Unit page.

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