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Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 05:15PM EDT

View Site Activity Reports

The Site Activity Reports feature allows Site Coordinators to generate site usage reports for individuals and groups within their learning communities. Clicking the Site Activity Reports link will take you to the search criteria page, where you can choose the criteria by which you want to search and the dates you want the search to include.

The various search criteria options are described below:

  • All subscribers - This option will allow you to generate site activity reports for all members of your Coordinator domain.

  • Subscribers who have not logged in - This option will give you a list of members who have not logged in within a specified date range.

  • Subscribers in a selected Program(s) - This option will allow you to generate site activity reports for participating Program members (e.g., Authors, Reviewers, and Evaluators).

  • Individual - This option will allow you to enter an individual’s name and select a date range. The individual site activity report will give you a comprehensive list of the dates and times the individual has logged in within the specified date range.

Choose to run the report for all dates or specify a date range. To generate the report, click the Generate Report button.

The report displays all of the individuals who match the search criteria.

The report also shows the last login and the total number of times each Program member has logged in.

To view a comprehensive list of all the dates and times a Program member has logged into Taskstream, click the View button that appears next to the number of total logins.

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