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How do I use Pack-It-Up from an expired account?

Last Updated: Sep 24, 2014 01:46PM EDT

An archive of your Taskstream work will be stored for six months following the expiration of your subscription. Should you choose to renew your account at any time during this six-month period, your work will remain available in your account and once again become editable using the Taskstream tools.

To access your Taskstream archive during this six-month period, login to your account and click the Access My Taskstream Archive button. This archive includes read-only copies of your Taskstream work and the Pack-It-Up tool. To save your work offline, click the Pack-It-Up: Save Offline tab located on the upper right side of your Taskstream Archive. Click the Create a New Package button and follow the directions for downloading a package of work to your computer.

1. Click the Create a New Package button.

2. You will be taken to Step 1: Select what to package. To select the work you wish to package, click the link of the type of work (i.e. DRF Program Work which contains assignments you've submitted) or the triangle next to the link to display all the work you have created that falls into that category. Place a check next to each item of work you would like to package and click Save & Continue to proceed.

3. The following screen is Step 2: Confirm Selections. If you are satisfied with your selections, click Save & Continue to proceed or click Add More Selections to go back and add more work from the Archive.

4. The next step is Step 3: Set Download Preferences. Select the format you would like to use for your package, either a ZIP file or SIT file. When the package is ready for download, you will be notified in a message sent to your external email address. Click Finish to proceed. *Please note that your package will be a .zip file and will need to be unzipped to use.

5. You should receive a confirmation screen stating Your package has been created. Click Go to Pack-It Up homepage. At this time, the package is being created. When the package is completed, you can download it later by going back into your Taskstream archive and clicking the Pack-It-Up: Save Offline tab.

When the package is ready, you can download it by clicking the Download button that appears under Your Packages. Your package will be available for 30 days and you must download the package directly onto your computer. We recommend downloading the package to your desktop so it will be easy to find when you are ready to extract the files.

In order to open and view your downloaded file, you will have to decompress it. Most computers come with the necessary decompression utility installed. ZIP files are archives used for distributing and storing files. ZIP files are compressed to save space which makes them ideal for grouping and transporting files quickly.

Note: Your computer may be set up to decompress the file immediately after it has been downloaded. If the decompression utility is installed on your machine, you will be able to double click the .ZIP file you downloaded to open the utility. If prompted to do so, extract the files in a location you will be able to find. The files will be extracted into a folder titled, My Taskstream Work.

To view your downloaded Taskstream work, double click the file titled, package_menu.html, which will appear as an Internet Explorer icon (or whatever your default browser may be) in the My Taskstream Work folder. A Table of Contents window appears displaying the downloaded Taskstream files. Click a title to view that file.

If your computer has the capability, you may then transfer this package to an external storage device (CD, zip drive, etc).

Please note that both extracting compressed files and burning data onto a CD are processes that do not involve the use of Taskstream. Therefore, we can only provide limited support for these functions. Please contact us directly at 800-311-5656 if you need assistance with extracting your files and we will do our best to assist you.

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