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How do I run a report to see who has submitted work/ who has been evaluated?

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 10:14AM EDT

The Program Activity Report displays a real-time summary of the work status of Authors in a DRF Program, including the number of Authors who have submitted, and the number of Authors who have been evaluated, in specific areas of the DRF. This information can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further data manipulation and archiving.  


Reports for All Authors and Authors by Evaluator

If you generate a report by All Authors, All Authors being evaluated by a particular Evaluator, or Advanced Search, it yields a Program Activity summary page.  The top of the report lists the number of Authors who matched the search criteria, what DRF they used, and in which Program they are enrolled.  The bottom displays a colored bar graph representing the number of Authors at various stages for each area of the DRF undergoing evaluation.  

The Filter By: pull-down menu enables you to filter the report by status to view a summary of Authors who currently have the selected status, in all areas of the DRF.

The Program Activity Report is color coded

Color Definition
 Light Green indicates a complete evaluation where the Author’s work has been evaluated as final and the scores have been released.
 Dark Green indicates a final evaluation has been completed but the score has not been released.
 Purple indicates a pending reconciliation where the Author's work has been submitted for evaluation and has already been evaluated by multiple Evaluators.
 Light Blue indicates where the Author’s work has been submitted or resubmitted for evaluation.
 Blue indicates where an Evaluator has started evaluation but the evaluation is still in progress.
 Orange indicates an Evaluator has sent an Author’s work back for revision.
 Yellow indicates an Author has started to work on the DRF without submitting any work.
 Red indicates the Author has not begun work on that area of the DRF.

When you point your cursor over on each status section of the bar graph, the number displayed is based on how many Authors have access to the category or requirement and NOT how many Authors are enrolled in the Program. 

If access has been restricted for any of the categories or requirements in the DRF, a label appears below each category or requirement in the list that indicates whether all enrolled users have access or only asubset of the enrolled users have access.

Detail View

In the summary view, if you click the link for a DRF area (or the magnifying glass icon), the system displays a list of Authors, their work status in that area, the ability to view the work (if submitted), due dates, submitted dates, evaluated or sent back dates, and the Evaluator.  The detail view displays a list of ONLY Authors with access to the category or requirement.

If at least one (1) of the listed DRF areas is restricted for at least one (1) enrolled Author, a label appears below each area within the DRF which indicates whether all Authors have access to the area (All), only a subset of enrolled Authors have access to it (Subset), or the area is not accessible to ANY enrolled users (None).

In the Program Activity Report for DRF Area view:

  • to filter by work status, use the Filter Bypull-down.  
  • to sort results, use the Sort Bythe pull-down.

If you click an Author’s name, the system displays a Program Activity Report with details about the Author’s work submissions in all folio areas accessible by the Author.  To open a new window where you can access the Author’s work submission, the completed evaluation report, and the evaluation history, click View Work.

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