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Manage Cybrary Submissions

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 10:12AM EDT
Organizations who want work to be reviewed before it is published to the Cybrary need to designate TS Coordinators to act as Cybrary Reviewers. These Cybrary Reviewers possess the ability to decide whether work is published, and to what extent the published work is available.

All TS Coordinators who are designated Cybrary Reviewers have the ability to:

review any work submitted to the Cybrary
change the status of any existing Cybrary work published by your organization

If you have been assigned the Cybrary Reviewer role, the Manage Cybrary Submissions link is enabled in the Resources section of the TS Coordinator area.

If you believe you should be a Cybrary Reviewer, please contact the Taskstream leader for your organization to request this privilege.

To manage the Cybrary:

From the Resources section of the TS Coordinator area, click the Manage Cybrary Submissions link.
From the Manage Cybrary Submissions page, you can process new submissions or search through existing Cybrary items published by your organization.

To search through existing Cybrary items:

In the Search Cybrary Submissions field, enter keywords that best describe the type of item you seek. Use commas to separate multiple entries.
To select a specific field type, click the Search in Field pull-down.

You can select to search by All Fields, Title, Summary, Author, or Keywords.

To select a specific Status type, click the Status pull-down.

You can select to search by All Statuses, Published, Submitted (approval pending), Declined for Publication, or Unpublished.

To select a specific Access Level type, click the Access Level pull-down.

You can select to search by All Levels, Taskstream Site Wide, Local Cybrary, or Cybrary Archives (restricted access).

What are Cybrary Archives?

Click Search.

The Current Data Usage Statistics area also displays the total amount of storage space allotted to your organization’s Cybrary and the amount of this total allotment that remains.

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