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I copied text from Word and now my form characters exceed limits, what should I do?

Last Updated: Sep 19, 2014 11:51AM EDT

The number of characters in a Taskstream Form refers to both the text entered as well as HTML characters, which represent the coding language for how your text is displayed. Pasting content from programs such as Microsoft Word can sometimes cause extraneous HTML coding to be pasted into your form. This results in character counts that do not accurately reflect the content you intend to include. Excess HTML coding can increase the total number of characters in a form and cause you to exceed the character limit.

To remedy the character limit issue, please do NOT copy and paste your work directly from Microsoft Word into Taskstream. Instead, first copy and paste the content from Microsoft Word to the Notepad program on your computer. Next, copy the content from Notepad and paste it into the appropriate form response in Taskstream. This will reduce the HTML character count associated with your text. Be sure to click Save and Return to finalize your changes.

Mac users may use TextEdit as an alternative to Notepad. Be sure to select Plain Text from the Format toolbar.

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