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How Do I Import Elements from an Existing Form?

Last Updated: Jul 14, 2014 01:38PM CDT
As well as adding form elements from scratch, you can build your form by importing elements from otherforms. Any form can include both new and imported elements.

You can import one or multiple elements from any form.

Elements can be imported from multiple forms, but only from one form at a time.

This feature applies equally to new forms that you are creating and existing forms you choose to edit.

To import elements from other forms

From the Build Form page, click the Insert Form Element link closest to where you want the imported elements to appear.

An Insert Form Element link is displayed above each element already in the form. New element(s) are inserted directly above the link you chose.

You are navigated to the Add Form Element page, which provides two import options. Select aform from the appropriate pull-down list:

Select fields from my forms presents a list of all of your own forms including any/all you may have stored in custom folders .
Select fields from forms shared by others presents the forms that other TS coordinators have chosen to share.

(Optional) View the contents of the selected form by clicking the Preview button next to the related field.
To select elements from this form, click Continue.
You are navigated to the Import Form Elements page.

Each element of the selected form is displayed with title and descriptive information (if any), plus a view-only version of the response area (e.g. free-form text box, ratings scale, response values to select).

If you prefer, you can switch the display to Show Short Titles Only.

Any element that requires response is tagged with an asterisk icon (   )

Use the checkboxes to select the elements you want to import.

To Select All elements for importing, use the checkbox at the top of the form.

(Optional) To quit your action, click Cancel.
Click Save and Return to Form. You are returned to the Build Form page, to continue work on this form. The imported element(s) display immediately above the Insert Form Element link from which you began.
(Optional) Use the Move function to rearrange elements in your form. As all results of a single Import session are inserted at the same position, you are most likely to want to do this when you have imported multiple elements at once.
When you have completed your work on this form, click the Preferences button to set sharing preferences.
To exit the Build Form page,

EITHER click the Form & Survey Builder breadcrumb to return to the home page for this tool,
OR click one of the links at the top of your page to navigate to another area of Taskstream.


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