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How do I format my text (e.g. add bold, italics etc.)?

Last Updated: May 01, 2015 10:05AM CDT
Many areas of the Taskstream site allow subscribers to format their text using a built-in “HTML formatting toolbar”. This allows you to add formatting to text without the need to manually insert HTML tags:
  • Change the font style, font size, and font/background color
  • Change the appearance of text characters 
  • Format paragraphs with left, center, right or full justification.
  • Format numbered or bulleted lists, indent paragraphs or create block quotes.
  • Enhance text with inserted images, tables, links and special characters.

The toolbar also includes buttons for cut, paste and other text-editing functions. 

To enable the HTML Toolbar

  1. Go to the My Account Info area.
  2. Select your toolbar preference.
  3. Click the Enable link.

Once enabled, this toolbar is available in most Taskstream tools where there are large text input areas.

Unless you access an area that employs the HTML Formatting Toolbar, there is no tool that allows you to format text.  

You can, however, manually insert the following HTML tags to change the format of your text to include italic, bold, and underline:

Bold: <b>your text here<b>

Italics: <i>your text here<i>

Underline: <u>your text here<u>

As shown above, these tags are used in pairs, inserted before and after the text you want to format. Please feel free to explore other HTML tags and experiment.


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